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The South African store in Atlanta (2065 Peachtree Industrial Court, Suite 116, Atlanta, GA, 30341), is planning to host a Women’s Prayer meeting for South Africa and all it’s people, next week Thursday, at 10am until 12am. South Africa – a Country that has everything inside its own heart, to be a provider for all its people! We have been in the USA for more than 22 years. We survived recession, betrayal and much more! There is much to say about “Keep Flying” in the midst of Adversity. Please email Magda Odendaal at: We will email you the agenda.

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What a joyful moment! Great game!!!

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Hier kom die bokke!!

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Let’s meet for rugby at the store tomorrow! See you there! Nico, Magda and the Team!!

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And then there was Fab1! Always welcome anyone at the SA Store in Atlanta!

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Love the energy of planning – especially with such a group of great thinkers!

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Last year we had a ups for Boys High. This year a ups for Gimnasium High – Leaving behind an amazing unity and Sport spirit in Paarl. Gim won 18/17. So close! Well done to every Sportsman and lady – big and small! It’s all about the spirit of great Sport.

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Interskole Rugby – Paarl Interskole Those who are following Interschools in Paarl – This link takes you right to the action!

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Whether you have “Gimmie Guts” or are a “Boys Higher”, Interschools creates it’s own magic! One of the longest school rugby rivalries in the world. The town of Paarl will come to a Stand Still this week! The SA store in Atlanta wishes both Schools an amazing Interschools 2019! May the best School win in the Spirit of this ongoing yearly reunion.

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A Great Country celebrating its birthday today. Thank you to our wonderful friends, clientele and family remaining so faithful and loyal. We’ll be here for many more Birthdays – The SA Store Atlanta was privileged to celebrate 4th July with all of you for the last 20 years! Looking forward to the next 20! Enjoy this time with your family!

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A very happy Fathersday to Our CEO Nico Odendaal, Our Manager Matthew and every Daddy who support us so faithfully over the last more than 20 years! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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To all our Christian clientele: It is “Asencion Day!” This day celebrates Christ taking up His position at the right hand side of God in the Throne Room of heaven. To all our Christian clientele, may this day again confirm the hope in Him and His promise of redemption, from a worthy and powerful position.

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The South African Store in Atlanta salute those who gave everything. Memorial day….a day to remember!

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A very, very, very happy Mothersday to all our Mammas, Oumas and all other Moms!! We love you. Everyday is Mothersday – but today we honor each Mother for love, dedication, and most of all the medal you each deserve for being inclusively everything from the carer, the sharer, the planner, the feeder , the spoiler, the lover the comforter, the plan maker the beauty and sometimes, the loving Beast! We celebrate you all!!! Nico, Magda, Divan, Matthew and Alex. Lovies and lots of Hugs!

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It is Easter! A time of celebration and a time to say thank you! We wish all our Christian Clientele, our friends and family a wonderful Easter. A King laid down His life – because He Loved! Let us take this time to remind each other that the greatest gift of life is to love and to be loved in return. We are grateful for the example set by The King of Easter! We will be closed on Friday. On Saturday, we will be open from 11am till 2pm. Sunday closed as normal! Enjoy this time with friends and family. Nico, Magda, Divan, Matthew and Alex!

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Come and have some fun with us at the Store this weekend!

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2018, The sun gone down for the last time in 2018. A year with every aspect of life. Pain, joy, loss, gain – all inclusive. A year where we experienced betrayal, victory and challenges, greater than what we thought we could ever overcome. Yet, watching the sun set tonight in Cape Town…We had only one word to say to each other, and it was “Thank You…!!!!!” Thank you Lord for strength in the bad times, for joy in the good times and thank you for Hope. Hope which carry us into 2019 on wings of faith and hard work. Faith believes, that 2019 will have stronger wings, more hope, more victories, less pain and loss. With all our hearts we thank our Team in Atlanta, Matt, Jade and Alex and Divan, in South Africa, for the extra mile….the innovation and zeal – it made us strong! Thank you to every loyal customer, friends and family for loyalty and support – we could never achieve it without you. Indeed an exciting 2019 ahead for the Business. May 2019 be exceptionally great for each of you!..

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Thank you to each and every friend, family and client for 2018. A challenging year – yet, leading us to a very exciting 2019. To all our Christian Clients, friends and family we wish you and your family a wonderful, peaceful, joyful and sincere celebration of Christ and the Blessing of His saving Grace. A merry Christmas to each of our team. Our Manager in Atlanta Matt Jackson, his team Alex and Jade – you are the Best! Our Co-ordinator in SA, Divan – YOU ARE THE BEST.

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Wishing all our Jewish friends, family and clients all over the world a happy Hanukkah. May your journeys be safe and be wise with the latkes! We appreciate you!

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Happy Thanks Giving – We appreciate each and every one!

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