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We wish all our Fathers a happy Fathers day! To Nico our. Captain….you are celebrated! Mat Jackson, our Store Manager, it is your first Fathersday with us, looking forward to many more!

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We salute every life sacrificed! The Store will be closed on Monday!

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Meetings at the SA Store in Atlanta with our Captain! Robin and Stella Mountain – International Tours and real African Coffee – it goes together with a “kamp vuurtjie! Ntaba Coffee & Mugs! Herman – bringing Uncle Jimmy’s Sauces to the party! Oh man…I can picture my Coffee in a mug….around the camp fire with a sizzling steak, lamb chop and boerewors neatly barbecued in Uncle Jimmy’s Sauce! Yeah….bring it on! “Ryk en lekkerrrrrr” Always growing – Much more to come! Watch this space!

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Medals for Mothers by Charlie Dicks

Nico, Magda, Matt, Alex in Atlanta and the Cape Town Team Paul & Divan wish all our “Mammas” a wonderful Mothersday. Mothers are so special and we would like to let each and every Mommy and Grandma know that accross the boarders we sing along with the song: “Medals for Mothers, for all the things they have done – (and will do”) – if there’s medals for mothers: “mamma you’ve won everyone” (Charlie Dicks – We look forward to our exciting plan for next year’s Mothersday – watch this space!

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Nico & Magda Odendaal, wish to thank Rob Roome and his team in Atlanta, Jenny & Marcel, for their service in the SA Store in Atlanta. They decided to pursue new ventures and left the service of The SA Store in Atlanta, today! We will have the pleasure of introducing our brand new team this coming week! Exciting times ahead as we continue to broaden our horizons and build the business! We are looking forward to incorporate more of our clientele, friends and fellow Saffa’s, to participate in all our new ideas! “Watch this space”!!!

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Timeline Photos

April 14th- We all celebrate Nico’s Birthday! We know you fly Airbusses and other Iron Birds Captain, and Flying the SA – Atlanta Store, now 18 years – is something we know took a lot of faith and courage. Happy Birthday Captain! When we asked Nico today what he has to say? He replied: “I could never do any of this on my own. All my gratitude goes to The Lord, the team in South Africa and our Manager Rob Roome and the Team in Atlanta. On Any success we achieved and will achieve, I give the reward to my entire crew!” A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR CAPTAIN! MAY THERE BE MANY MANY MORE!

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Happy Easter Folks

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we would like to wish all our Jewish customers a very Happy and Kosher Passover Chag Sameach

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hi folks Just a reminder that the store will be closed tomorrow in observance of Good Friday. We will be open normal hours on Saturday from 10am – 4pm

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Nico & Magda Odendaal and both teams at the SA Store in Atlanta (Rob, Jenny and Marcel) & South Africa(Paul, Divan & Team), wish all our Customers a happy Easter. During this time of celebration we would like to thank each and every one of our valued customers, for your ongoing loyal support. Enjoy this time with family and friends as we make time to celebrate Easter and Each Other!

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Beacon Hens Eggs

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Weather update!!!! The store is open until 3.30pm today. There are still many secondary roads across the metro that are icy and very slippery, so please drive carefully if you want to stop by. As the temps start to fall again this evening, roads will ice again. However, we do expect to be back to normal tomorrow, Friday January 19th. Stay safe out there folks.

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Weather update!!! The store will be closed today. Snow and ice on the roads make driving extremely dangerous; secondary, side and neighbourhood roads are very dangerous to drive on. Please check tomorrow before coming to the store, our temperatures in Atlanta are not expected to get above freezing today, so the chances of the ice melting are not good. Our top priority is always the safety of our staff and also our customers. Stay warm out there Folks

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Weather Alert!!!! Hi folks, it’s been an active winter so far. Due to the possibility of some pretty crazy weather heading into Georgia this afternoon, we will be closing the store at 3.30pm. Please call ahead tomorrow before visiting to check if we will be open.

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Photos from The South African Shop Atlanta (Cape Food & Beverage)'s post

Yes yes we know rugby is SA’s game, but tonight is the final of the NCAA College football game between The Univ. Of GA Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide, to be played in our home city of Atlanta. Being a good old fashioned Georgia company, it’s only fitting to wish our UGA boys all the best for the game tonight, bring home the championship lads … GO DAWGS

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Weather Update!!! Hi folks, it’s Monday January 8th. The store will be closed today, with a possibility of freezing rain and icing on the roads a big possibility, we are airing on the side of safety for both our staff and our customers. Stay safe everyone.

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Nico and Magda, Our family as well as The Atlanta & Cape Town Teams, and our wish for you.

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Nico, Magda,family & staff, wishes all our clients and supporters a wonderful Christ Festival. May this joyous time fill you with renewed hope for tomorrow and the years to come. Christ was and is and will always be. Enjoy Christmas and a wonderful 2018 with your lovedones!

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Hi folks, store will open at midday

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Weather Update!! Good morning folks, while the interstates are clear and drivable, many of the secondary and neighborhood roads are very slippery and icy. Our first concern is for the safety of our staff and customers. The store will remain closed this morning, we will take a look at the conditions at around 11am again.

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