Whether you are a South African living in the USA, searching for that taste of home, or a homegrown American looking to broaden your horizons... We have a product to suit your needs and connect you to an authentic South African experience. All our products are of the highest quality, imported from across the Atlantic and expertly sourced to ensure that you, our valued customer, will receive only the best. Come join our family!

South African Store – Atlanta
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South African Store

Cape Food & Beverage, also known as The South African Shop, Atlanta, imports and supplies South African products to the USA market. Since the company was established in 1998, the company has grown from strength to strength offering online shopping through our website, direct sales to the public through our store as well as wholesale to retailers across the USA. 

The original idea to supply the South Africans in the USA with their favourite products from home, started with Nico Odendaal, President of Cape Food & Beverage. As frequent traveller to the USA, Nico realized the need for a home away from home and what more can you ask for than your favourite box of Ouma Rusks, or Mrs Balls Chutney, Bar One chocolate, to name just a few. Since then we have added locally made Boerewors, Biltong and Droëwors with our secret South African spices which we also ship across to the USA. We are also selling our own developed Peri Peri sauces under the Zulu Zulu label.

Although we have a huge range of products, we constantly research new products. We also listen to the requests of our customers and will go to great lengths to supply a product which there is a need for.
Hoping to see you in our Shop soon!



Meet the some of the team behind the South African Store Atlanta:

Nico Odendaal


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Here we go! Mail your answer to me, or inbox/message me in my personal Facebook inbox. Also use “whatsapp” on both the USA or South African phone number. Please also feel free to also use:, or drop it in the box provided by the Atlanta Team in the store! Watch this space!

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Boy oh Boy….this crew rock! So proud of The Team at The SA Store In Atlanta!! Nico and Magda Odendaal just want to thank them for the…….. ENERGY!!! VaVaVoom!!! SO…….let the fun begin! Who knows in which year did Nico Odendaal buy the SA STORE in Atlanta?? Do not give the answer here!! Antwoord Asseblief nie hier!! Mail or Whatsapp your answer to Magda. Details of email and number will be posted on Monday!! The winner will receive a VERY special gift….(neeeee, nie n peppermint crisp nie!!!!) Competition Closing date: 15th of August 2018. Lekka…..lekka!!! Magda Odendaal!

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Greetings! Our store will be closed tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday. We wish you safe travels and hope you enjoy your celebrations wherever you find yourselves.

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We’re ready for the weekend! Are you? Stop by the store for a visit, or go to and order your favorites.

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The South African Shop Atlanta (Cape Food & Beverage)

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We wish all our Fathers a happy Fathers day! To Nico our. Captain….you are celebrated! Mat Jackson, our Store Manager, it is your first Fathersday with us, looking forward to many more!

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We salute every life sacrificed! The Store will be closed on Monday!

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Meetings at the SA Store in Atlanta with our Captain! Robin and Stella Mountain – International Tours and real African Coffee – it goes together with a “kamp vuurtjie! Ntaba Coffee & Mugs! Herman – bringing Uncle Jimmy’s Sauces to the party! Oh man…I can picture my Coffee in a mug….around the camp fire with a sizzling steak, lamb chop and boerewors neatly barbecued in Uncle Jimmy’s Sauce! Yeah….bring it on! “Ryk en lekkerrrrrr” Always growing – Much more to come! Watch this space!

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